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120 children injured and 8 dead in a terrorist attack on an Elementary school in Damascus.

This happened today 7:30 am of a peaceful morning. Parents sent their young children ages (5-11) to school as they normally do… not knowing that the moment those children gathered to play in the playground waiting for the bell to ring so that they can go up to their classes usually at 7:45 until a mortar bomb hit the playground in the middle of this gathering to get the most bloody day Damascus has seen. 120 small innocent were injured….8 were killed immediately…48 are in critical care now most with one or both of their arms/legs missing.

The mortar bomb was fired from Jobar an area near Damascus by the so called “rebels” or “freedom fighters of the FSA” Terrorists as we know them. Not only that but they weren’t ashamed to announce on their own social media accounts that a place for Pro Assad supporters was successfully hit. Really???? Do these children know who they are Pro to…did they have weapons in their hands?? They know nothing except their terror of seeing their classmates blood or limb near them.

The First picture is for the child Sitar Mtanious who is a martyr in heaven now. the middle two are for injured children in the hospital …the bottom two are pictures from the school playground and the remains of the mortar bomb.

Please pray for all the injured children. Please share/reblog let the world know what we are fighting against! Please do you still believe that this is a “peaceful revolution” for freedom?


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